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Why Men Can’t Resist The Temptation Of Escorts

Some people think that men go to escorts because they want sex. That is not true. Escorts don’t sell sex. Escorts sell romantic companionship. Men go to escorts because they want romantic companionship. While there are some escorts who may engage in other activities with their clients, it is not part of their service and of their own free will – just like how two consenting adults who met on Tinder may engage in other activities. Is Tinder now at fault? No.

So with that out of the way, let us understand the REAL allure of escorts.

Since more men than you may expect actually have thought about, or have actually engaged an escort before – especially in Vegas where the women are so hot and beautiful, let us talk about this topic today.

Here are some of the reasons why men cannot resist the temptation of finding escorts in Vegas:

  • First of all, both clients and escorts have a clear understanding that there are no strings attached to the relationship right from the beginning. There is no misunderstanding. Both parties only want a no strings attached appointment. Sometimes, in a ‘normal’ dating scenario, the man may want no strings attached while the woman wants to get married to the man. This results in a painful rejection for the woman. Vice versa, the man may start being too clingy to the girl if he wants the relationship to be serious while the girl does not. With escorts, the understanding is crystal clear before you even meet each other – hence the entire basis of the relationship is absolutely transparent.
  • Second of all, escorts are usually beautiful. How often can an average looking man pull such a hot girl to go on dates with them? If a man is average looking, or not endowed with Brad Pitt good looks, even if his personality is ‘awesome’, beautiful girls may not give him the time of day. However, with escorts, the client is able to pick an absolutely 10/10 gorgeous girl to go out with him and even give him the romantic girlfriend experience! How amazing is this! If you want an escort like that, make sure to visitĀ https://www.vegasdreamescorts.com.
  • Third of all, escorts are sometimes seen as therapists. Many men may have been married for many years, and their wives have started nagging at the men all day long or the marriage has gotten stale or the wives have stopped listening to the man’s woes and troubles. However, escorts are well known to be a great listening ear (or at least most of them pretend to be one), and thus am able to make the man feel as though he finally has someone he can confide in and release his emotional pressure without future repercussions as it is a no strings attached and discrete arrangement in which both parties want nothing to do with each other after the meeting.
  • Fourth of all, going out with an escort is a unique experience. To a certain large extent, you can literally custom pick your escort model of choice, have her wear what you like beautiful women to wear, and have her meet you where you want, when you want it. It feels as though you are buying a girlfriend for that temporary period of time, and a custom made one. It is definitely a luxury service for the wealthy men with cash to spare, and a day to spend.
  • Finally, it is a near ‘rejection-free’ service. Even with sugar dating websites, the girls can choose to ignore you. However, with escorts, you will be able to pick any girl, and she has to date you (of course, there are some escorts who are extremely picky but they are definitely not the norm).

Working As An Escort In Vegas – Dos and Don’ts

If you are considering to work as an escort in Vegas, then read on.

Being an escort in Vegas has lots of perks and benefits – the main of which is that you get to meet rich men and make a lot of money. However, just like any other work, there are good and bad points to them, and here are some of them which you may want to take note of before becoming an escort.

Firstly, do not expect the clients you meet to necessarily look like Prince Charming. Although a percentage of them are very good looking, a number of them are probably somewhat out of shape or not be the typical idea of a handsome man you may have in your mind. There is only one commonality among all clients – they are rich enough. The key to become a successful escort is to be able to shower love (at least pretend really well) on the clients and make them feel as though you really are into them… no matter how they look.

Second of all, most clients are between the ages of 30 to 50, so if you only like younger men in their 20s, you are in tough luck. If you however like hanging out with men between ages of 30 to 50, or even 60, you will definitely be able to enjoy yourself while being an escort.

Thirdly, if you want to work in Vegas, you need to know that you are competing against a lot of pretty girls who also want to work. Therefore, you must definitely keep yourself fit, look good, dress well and put on some nice make up to really stand out and actually be able to get any clients. The easiest way to get clients is to sign up with an escort agency or online directory/website.

If after reading the above and you are interested in becoming an escort in Las Vegas, Nevada, then apply hereĀ https://www.linkedin.com/company/vegasdreamescorts/

Where Can You Find Escorts In Las Vegas Legally?

Hiring an escort is not a scary thing, even if this is the first time you are engaging a social escort, and in Las Vegas.

First of all, hiring an escort is not illegal. It is also perfectly legal for escorts to work in Las Vegas, as long as they have a work permit (which is usually ok as long as they are a Permanent Resident or USA citizen). What’s illegal is simply prostitution and illegal aliens. Here are some ways to safely overcome those common issues that you may be worrying about.

Contact an agency online (just Google ‘Las Vegas escorts’ and you can find a lot of results), and only deal with agencies or verified websites and not random Backpage or Craigslist independents if you want to ensure that the model you are engaging is legally allowed to work in the state of Nevada.

Do not go for incalls. Incalls are basically where you go to a place where the escort is supposedly waiting for you. Almost all of these are just police ambushes. Outcalls are basically where the escort will meet you at your designated spot, be it a restaurant, a particular casino entrance, hotel room or the hotel lobby. This is the safest way to go about engaging a legal escort in Las Vegas.

You need to know that prostitution is strictly illegal within Las Vegas. So do not do stupid things like trying to offer the escort money for some sexual services. Social escorts are supposed to be your girlfriend and romantic companion, sexual services are not part of the service. If you are interested in that, no problem, simply go to a neighboring county with less than 700,000 (please make your own check again at the point of reading this article as Nevada’s laws might have changed at the point of you reading this) people, as these counties are allowed to licence such operations. Las Vegas has clearly more than 700,000 people living in it, and thus it is strictly illegal inside it.

With the above said, make sure to bring cash with you if you want to hire an escort, as most of them only accept cash.