FMS: Smart Pause Feature

Flash Media Server 3.0 includes a Smart Pause feature. This feature allows Flash Player 9 Updater 3 ( to continue to buffer content while pausing the stream without clearing the buffer. Previous versions of the player would clear the buffer when resuming from a pause event (NetStream.pause()) -- causing rebuffering which could lead to latency and unfavorable playback. Smart Buffer does not send the pause event to FMS until the Flash Player buffer limit is reached. The buffer limit (NetStream.bufferLength) is the greater of 60 secs or NetStream.bufferTime. Smart Pause in FMS 3.0 is also backwards compatible with NetSteam.pause() in AS 2.0.

Smart Pause can help to alleviate some of the latency previously experienced when pausing in previous versions of FMS and Flash Player. See TechNote kb403029 for more details. Since the NetStream.pause() is not immediately sent to FMS, some of your FMSIS authorization adaptors E_PAUSE events may not fire. See TechNote kb403040 for more details.

FMS: FMS 3.0 Released!

Adobe released Flash Media Server 3.0 today. The server comes in three editions: Interactive Server (IS), Streaming Server (SS), and Development.

FMS 3.0 includes new features such as performance enhancements, security enhancements (RTMPE, SWF verification, authentication plug-in adaptors), AMF3 support, H.264 and HE-AAC audio (MPEG-4 part 10) support, and Advanced Seek. Some features require Flash Player 9 Updater 3 (build 9,0,115,0). Check your player version here --

For more details see the product feature list for both editions or feature comparison matrix. Here's a DevNet article about FMS 3.0.

Download the development edition at

Flash Media Encoder 2.0 released

Adobe released FME 2.0 on the site today.

FMS: MTVU Live Streaming

Last week MTVU -- MTV's 24hr college network -- launched live audio/video streaming on Flash Media Server. The site also streams of recorded music videos and TV shows as well. MTV is pushing the audio/video through Flash Media Encoder to FMS.

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