Comparison Of Courier Companies In Singapore

There are slightly more than a handful of courier companies in Singapore and you might be inundated with all the companies in Singapore that you do not know how to pick the right one. If you’re an individual and you only need one or two deliveries, all these are not concerns for you. Just pick anyone that you so wish to pick. However, if you’re a business owner (especially that of an E-commerce company) looking for a courier company to partner for your deliveries, then you need to read this post. This is a must read post.

PCA MASTERS – one of the upcoming and fastest growing delivery company ever to be founded in Singapore, PCA MASTERS has always focused on providing exceptional customer service at highly reasonable prices. Even though they keep their prices only at the market rate, they go over and beyond usual customer service. After completing deliveries, they will always promptly send an email stating the successful delivery along with a photo capture of the completed / signed consignment note. I believe this practice is very good and I would definitely love to work with a courier company which is so incredibly accountable for their actions. This is because my main concerns with hiring courier services is dealing with the hassle of needing to travel to deliver something important and the fear that my items will get lost in deliver transition. PCA MASTERS clearly solves both of my concerns in one fell swoop.

REGENT – One of the older companies offering delivery services within Singapore island, REGENT is definitely a very reliable courier firm in Singapore. However, one can only expect slightly more traditional business practices if you were to work with an old company like REGENT. Most courier companies in Singapore are pretty traditional and they only use phone calls to communicate. In my opinion, that is an outdated practice and should not be continued. Businesses should use email, mobile applications and phone calls to communicate with their customers, and I expect such forms of communications when it comes to working with a courier company. Unfortunately, I do not think that REGENT offers such levels of services.

DHL – Clearly, one of the giant international courier companies, DHL is definitely cheap (due to their economies of scale) and reliable. However, in my opinion, DHL is definitely much cheaper when it comes to international freight and deliveries. For local deliveries within Singapore itself, many private courier companies can do it much faster and at far more reasonable prices.

Alright, with that said, hopefully the above comparisons will give you a better idea of what to expect from the various types of courier companies in Singapore and help you make a better choice. Nonetheless, I would still be sharing more tips in the upcoming days and weeks with everyone (businesses and individuals) on picking a suitable Singapore courier company for your local delivery needs.

Why Choose Couriers For Document Deliveries?

If you own a business or are working, there would definitely be many occasions where you are required to deliver important documents from your office to a customer or partner firm’s office. Even though Singapore is small, it would still take you a fair bit of time to travel from one end of Singapore to the other. Document deliveries in the city may be easy and you can do it yourself without wasting too much time and effort. However, if you need to deliver something too important to be delivered by mail, then you want private courier services in Singapore.

Many local courier companies provide very reliable document deliveries. In some other countries, you might find that the courier system is not safe… not even their postal services. However, courier companies like Network Courier and PCA Masters in Singapore are generally very reliable.

Why do I recommend courier companies instead of resorting to postal mail services or even registered mail by SingPost? This is because when you want to deliver something important to your recipient, it is much more professional and reliable to depend on something like courier companies instead of the postal services. There is no accountability when it comes to state postal services. If it gets lost in transit, nothing will be returned to you and you will not be compensated in monetary terms as well. How about registered mail? As mentioned in my previous post, you would need to travel to a local SingPost branch (which might not be near your office). Additionally, you would need to waste time and effort queuing up (and the queues can be really long on certain days!)

Instead of that, you can rest in your office and have a reliable courier pick up the documents from you and get it delivered safely and promptly. This saves you both time and effort while providing you with lots of accountability. In the event that the recipient is not around, they can return the package or document to you (and not just leave a form there asking the recipient to go to the nearest SingPost branch for registered mail – which is really stupid). You want to send your recipient something, so do it with more sincerity by using a professional courier.