Town Courier Deliveries In Singapore (CBD)

There are lots of companies which require document deliveries throughout the entire working day in the Central Business District (CBD) area – Shenton Way in Singapore. Due to this high demand for document couriers, lots of courier companies have come up. However, not all of them are good. Many of them have fallen short of their service quality and went out of business within weeks or months. However, there is a relatively new company whose services I have engaged recently, and I thought they were really good. I used to use Regent on a regular basis for my document deliveries, but recently I found them to be lacking in terms of number of couriers as well as their speed and customer service support. Now I use Navast ( They specialize in town to town deliveries in Singapore, and provide lots of support for document delivery statuses e.t.c. Word is that they got acquired recently but anyway, that’s not relevant to our discussion today.

When it comes to town to town deliveries, the essence of a good courier company is not prices, but accountability and speed of service and customer service support. When it comes to E-commerce businesses distributing their goods, they may need to find a low cost provider for their E-commerce product distribution because of the costs which will most likely needed to be passed onto their consumers. However, when it comes to document courier deliveries, it’s more about efficiency and promptness in customer service support. What I need is speed with accountability, and thus far, Navast Courier Service seems to work very well for us.

I highly recommend you check them out if you need town to town deliveries. Many people I know working in Tanjong Pagar work with them.