Piano Lessons Can Boost Your Children’s Academic Results!

Every parent in Singapore wants their child to have great academic results. Most parents try in vain to achieve this by sending their children to endless tuition classes and spending thousands of dollars per month… only to see fails in school still!

Is it because your child is lazy and not studying, does the tuition teacher suck or is there a fundamental flaw behind sending your kids for tuition classes?

The truth is that, sending your children to tuition classes specializing in different academic subjects only improves your child’s ability to score better in that one subject. The common (wrong) solution? To send your child to more tuition classes.

If you were to do that, I am sure you will notice that your child starts getting stressed or disinterested in studying and school altogether, because his or her life is only filled with endless tuition! There is no joy, and very soon, detrimental impacts of too many tuition lessons set in and he or she gets too stressed and gets bad results once again.

The vicious cycle of bad academic results then repeats itself.

So how do you improve your child’s academic results without making him or her hate you?

Simply send them to maybe a maximum of 1 tuition class for their weakest subject and then send them for weekly piano classes (check out https://sglearnpiano.tumblr.com for more information on piano classes in Singapore). Playing the piano, learning an instrument and learning music are proven to both entertain the student as well as improve their cognitive brain abilities. It works out the entire brain of your child, and increases the amount of grey matter in your child’s brain – which is known to be directly correlated to a child’s IQ.

When your child goes for 1 piano lesson instead of 3-4 tuition classes, his or her IQ is instantly improved, and ability to score better in ALL academic subjects in Singapore improved drastically. Not only will your child be happier and get better academic results, the burden on your expenditure will be lower as well with the now removed, unnecessary amount of tuition classes!

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