3 Things Nobody Told You About Singapore ABRSM Piano Exams

Did you know that there is a reason why only a few people manage to consistently score high distinction in Singapore’s ABRSM piano examinations while most simply get a merit or pass? This is because there are 3 key things which only a qualified, good piano teacher in Singapore will teach you about which are absolutely essential to passing the Singapore’s ABRSM piano exams with flying colours. You can engage a good local agency to help you find a good piano teacher fromĀ https://www.sglearnpiano.com/about – they are one of the latest and most popular agencies in Singapore.

First of all, it is better to keep the flow of the piano song going on than to correct any mistakes, regardless of how minor or major the mistake is. This also means that you should not ask your examiner for a chance to repeat the piece, unless your very first note is the one you got wrong. Asking for a chance to repeat may help you pass the exam piece, but it will almost always result in no distinction. Professional pianists on stage play wrong notes once in a while too, but the trick is that they are able to continue on so smoothly and play it expressively and melodically, therefore, they do so well. This is exactly what you need to get the coveted distinction in Singapore’s ABRSM piano exams. Keep moving on, and never repeat any notes. It sounds far better from a listener’s point of view to not correct a note and simply continue on as if nothing happened.

Second of all, if you have sweaty palms or fingers, always make sure to bring a powder puff ball to your examination area. This is basically a puff ball usually used by tenpin bowlers to solve the problem of having sweaty palms in cold areas. As most piano exam rooms in Singapore are very cold with very strong air conditioning, it is ideal to bring a puff ball along with you for use during the examinations. There is a small amount of talcum powder that gets onto your palm if you squeeze the puff ball right before you play the piano. This keeps your hands dry, without needing to resort to pouring baby powder all over your hands which can be quite awkward. Besides, a puff ball is small enough to fit into your pocket.

Third of all, if you are the type who gets nervous and pre-exam jitters, it is highly recommended to drink one or two entire cups of warm-hot water right before your piano exam. Remember, never to drink cold drinks right before your examinations. Cold drinks will only make you more nervous if you drink it right before your exams. Add that onto the air conditioned room and you will feel extremely nervous or jittery. Keep yourself warm. Wear a jacket too if necessary as most Singapore ABRSM piano exam rooms are really cold. Keeping warm is a good start to help you play the piano effectively for your exams, and keeps your jitters away!

Of course, the above tips will only work if you practise your piano pieces sufficiently as well.

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