Private Piano Teacher Salary In Singapore – How Much?

How much can a piano teacher in Singapore make? Many of us who love playing the piano would definitely have thought of some form of piano teaching work before. Here are my two cents on making piano teaching your career – as a private home piano teacher in Singapore.

First of all, being a private home piano teacher basically means that you are self employed. You should definitely understand that income is solely determined by your ability to get students, keep students and the amount of time you work. This means that you have no income floor, and no income ceiling. Many people who want to be a full time piano teacher usually panic when they realize that their lives are truly in their own hands for the first time. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you start off on a part time basis first, as a client base takes time to build up.

Second of all, the rates you can charge are relatively fixed within a range. The more qualified you are, and the higher the grade of the student you are teaching, the more you can charge. This is also the reason why many teachers like teaching students of a higher grade, because they make more money doing the same amount of work. However, the best way to get higher grades students is to start teaching a student from the lower ABRSM grades and then progress with them as a student-teacher relationship and increase prices over time. Trust me, they won’t run away from you if you charge higher rates, because it’s standard across the board. However, this depends if you are a good teacher! Once again, it’s awesome because your life is finally in your own hands. Never again do you need to listen to a soulless or irrational boss tell you how much you should make – you decide and earn based on your true abilities.

Third of all, most students grade 4 and below take 45 minute lessons and you can charge them between $130 to $180 for 4 lessons in a month. Students grade 5 and above are usually charged higher between $200 to $300 for 4 lessons in a month (each lesson being 1 hour). An average university graduate makes $3000 to $4000 per month. This means just having 15 students will make you a full time income (without a boss!).

Most part time piano teachers make between $500 to $1500 per month. Most full time piano teachers in Singapore make between $3000 to $5000 per month. It’s truly an enjoyable career because you are doing what you love and teaching others about it as well.

If you truly feel that being a piano teacher is the right choice for you, you can sign up as a teacher with a local agency.

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