Private Piano Teachers vs Piano Music School – Which One?

If your child wants to learn to play the piano, you must have thought about this question before. Should you send your child to a music school located at a nearby shopping mall in Singapore or should you hire a private home piano teacher to teach your kid in the comfort of your home?

The first question you need to answer is whether you already have a piano at home. In my opinion, purchasing a piano is the best investment you can make in your child if you truly want him or her to grow up to be a great pianist. Practice makes perfect, and this is especially true when it comes to music.

The second question you should answer is whether your child learns best in a group or in a one to one setting. This varies from child to child. If your child is the type of student who learns best in home piano lessons in Singapore, then make sure to get him or her a private teacher. Teaching by private home teachers are dedicated and can really benefit most children – especially if they learn best in a one to one setting. If your child learns best in a group, then sending him or her to a music school would be better.

The third question you should answer is whether you have the time to send your child to a music school and pick him or her up after the group classes. If you have a maid or you have the free time or live near a music school, it can be convenient. However, if you live right smack in the middle of for example, Sentosa or Holland Village, you will probably be better off hiring a private piano teacher, as the nearest music school is at least 15 minutes drive away.

As you can see, the correct answer is different for different kids, and only by answering the above 3 questions will you find out the ideal solution for your child.

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