Can Piano Help Your Child Score Better In Singapore Exams?

A lot of parents in Singapore want their children to do better in school academically – so that their children can enter good schools, and supposedly stand a better chance at getting better jobs or making more money in future. Whether that is true or not is up to you to believe. But if your goal is to get your child’s score as high as possible, tuition is not enough. In fact, many kids who take tuition lessons still score poorly. How then can you improve your child’s academic results in Singapore? A great way to go about doing this is to have your child learn the piano!

Yes! Piano playing is very common in Singapore, and many kids in Singapore go to music schools or have a piano purchased at home for them and get a private home music teacher to teach them. For example, SGLEARNPIANO is a popular agency in Singapore to help local Singaporean parents to help their children look for a piano teacher to teach in their home for FREE. This is not just because these kids like playing the piano or that piano is the best instrument. This is also largely because playing the piano has direct link to improving a child’s creativity and abstract thinking as well as improving his or her IQ.

Learning the piano can help increase the amount of grey and white matter in the brain of the pianist, and this results in increased IQ and abstract thinking capabilities – both of which are linked to the child’s current stellar academic, and eventually financial results in future. Besides, it is less stressful for your child to take piano lessons than to take 2-3 more tuition classes per week if it gets you and your child the same results!

Additionally, learning the piano and taking the ABRSM graded examinations or even the Trinity College certification will mean that your child can teach piano lessons in future as a part time gig in the future. This is especially important as the economy is making a steady but definite change to gig economy.

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