Kids In Singapore Should Learn The Piano – 9 Good Reasons

Apparently, there are many benefits to learning the piano, and here are 20 of the best reasons your kid should learn the piano today.

  1. Brain imaging studies have shown that people with more grey matter in their mind are far smarter than those without. To get ahead in life and be successful, your child should have IQ, EQ and courage. The first of which is determined by the amount of grey matter in his or her brain. Therefore, you should increase the amount of grey matter in your child’s mind. A great, natural and absolutely safe way to make your child smarter is to have him or her learn the piano! By learning the piano, when they eventually become adults, they have more grey matter in the brain, and thus have a higher IQ.
  2. Adult pianists have more white matter in the brain, and are able to be more creative than adults who do not have any piano playing background.
  3. Adults who know how to play the piano will be better at learning new information and learning new skills!
  4. People who know music have better memories!
  5. Piano students have stronger emotional perception, and you can finally understand people better, and better EQ has always been linked to higher incomes. (Please note EQ is different from character).
  6. Knowing how to play the piano also keeps your ear sharper than most other lay people!
  7. Knowing how to play the piano can help your kid feel less stressed, and make him or her more calm during difficult situations (which will apply both to school children and adults).
  8. Your kid will have great finger hygiene. This is because to play the piano properly, you should have short and trimmed fingernails, otherwise there will be so much clicking sounds.
  9. Piano is very pleasant to listen to, no matter who you are, and no matter which part of the world. However, that’s not the case with more ‘crass’ music instruments such as drums.

Want to know more reasons why you MUST play the piano, then check out the following video! These are actually some of the reasons why parents in Singapore send their kids for private home piano lessons. To do well in school, it is important to develop the brain, and one great way to stimulate creativity and other brain development related benefits is to learn how to play the piano!

I encourage all parents who want their kids to do better in school, to have fewer tuition lessons teaching the same subjects over and over again, while allowing your kids to learn the piano. Improving your kids’ brain through piano playing is a much better permanent solution than having your kids memorizing stupid lines of school academia which will be useless in a few short years! This way, regardless of the subjects that your child chooses to take in university or otherwise in future, he or she will be able to do well, rather than only knowing a particular subject very well but nothing else!

So after watching the above reasons why you should learn the piano, what do you think? Let me know! Comment below and I will publish your comments (:

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